Friday, June 1, 2012

Let Summer Begin......

It's the first of June and the Iris and the Peony are brightening up the garden! The various shades of green are accented by these new blooms that punctuate the garden of my favorite times to be outside.  It's Rose Festival time in Portland and my roses are just starting to bloom, while the streets in Portland are already filled with cascades of roses. For now....up here at Cloudrest, the Peony rules!

The Iris are accented by Geranium macrorrhizum, and the blue gray leaves of Rosa glauca.

Large clusters of chartreuse blooms cover the Euphorbia wulfenii.

Masses of white blooms cover Choisya ternata, tucked between the variegated leaves of Cornus`Hedgerow Gold' and Spiraea 'Limemound'.

Purple Salvia and Euphorbia polychroma share garden space with Alchimilla mollis , ferns, daylily....and my favorite copper 'Tulip'.

Down in the Potager garden my favorite Deutzia is in full glory....with flower clusters so perfect that they just don't look real!

Also in the same garden the Royal Sunset rose has produced it's first bloom! This will fade to a soft pink.

Another rose that has just about taken over the vegetable area ( it's tree-like at 10ft. by 10 ft ) is covered by masses of individual single red roses). Unfortunately, I've misplaced it's name and must do some research!

And to accent our new pot from Tubac, Arizona... Abelia x 'Kaleidoscope' shines at the end of the deck

It's a cheerful time of the year!