Friday, September 16, 2011

The Medieval town of Obidos, Portugal Part 3

This isn't Oregon! From Lisbon, we took a bus to the Medieval town of Obidos, located a few hours North of Lisbon. An exquisite castle sits on the North end of the town, connected to the watch tower at the South end by long walls that encircle the small town of whitewashed buildings. The simple buildings are decorated with blue and yellow paint and the ever present Portuguese tiles. Moorish and medieval influences are present everywhere. The castle has been rebuilt and enlarged many times. In fact, parts of the town were destroyed by the famous earthquake of 1755. Reconstruction began soon after to preserve this important landmark... a town that goes back in the records to 308 bc !

Brave souls (my husband Fred and our friend, Jim Dauber) walked along the top of the wall encircling the town. No guard rails here!

The plants are gorgeous...and can handle the dry, hot climate. At one time it is thought that this inland town sat at the base of a sea inlet.

You enter Obidos through an archway that extends through a small decorated chapel. Beautiful blue and white tiles cover the walls and multicolored tiles depict flowers and plants on the ceiling. This elaborate introduction is in stark contrast to the simple whitewashed buildings that confront you on the other side.

Brilliant white in the bright sun, the buildings are often outlined with blue or yellow paint, and softened by numerous plantings of vines, window boxes and draping bushes of bright flowering bougainvillea and lantana.

It is a town that is fun to explore from every angle...

With hidden gems around each corner.

The church of Saint Maria was built in the 8th century and was at one time , a mosque. Tiles from the 17th century cover the interior walls. Such history!

I hope to do some sketches from the photos that I took!