Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeing...... a walk in the snow

This week it was snow instead of fog.....and another walk that made me see things differently! What a difference a mere three inches of snow can make.

When the snow first began the grasses and ferns under the trees were painted with white.

Steps leading down to our lower woodland.

The calligraphy of the branching patterns comes into focus.

The large row of black walnuts outlined at the end of a vineyard row.

What's left of our grape crop ( mostly stems after the birds came through) is now covered in snow!

My grandson, Brayden, leads the way

Back on the deck after a few more inches have fallen....

Our Christmas pots of holly, and herbs

ADDENDUM: it's still snowing....

Woke up to six or more inches of additional snow...every branch is covered, and the air is thick with snowflakes.

Time for another hike!

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