Monday, January 9, 2012

Seeing...while walking in the fog

I took a walk this foggy morning in early January... down our country road... past our vineyard and the lichen covered fruit trees ... past the neighbor's Alpacas ... past the barking dogs who didn't hear me on the way down ( but did on the way up!) ... past the familiar sloped forest with it's ghostly fir trees and fern-covered floor ... past the yellow signs that stood out in a colorless landscape of soft greens and grays ... and past the farmfield with it's ancient equipment hiding in the weeds.


It was a challenge to capture this moment in the fog!

It was a very peaceful journey, and the fog seemed to give more clarity to the small details that appeared to emerge from the once complex landscape. It was like walking into a watercolor sketch....watching the layers of color-tinted wash create depth....then adding, with a fine brush, the details in the foreground!


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